Public Notices

Assistance Questionnaire


Mayor Kendrick is conducting an ASSISTANCE SURVEY for residents of the Town of Fulton.

​This survey is FOR CITIZENS OF THE TOWN OF FULTON, TEXAS AFFECTED BY HURRICANE HARVEY. You MUST BE a Fulton resident. ID will be required . (Driver’s License or Utility bill with your current address).

​The goal of the survey is to find out what the needs of our Fulton citizens are, such as housing, food, home improvements, help with bills, furniture, things of that nature.

​If you are interested, please come by Town Hall and fill out a survey form. Mayor Kendrick will be reviewing these forms in the next few weeks to see how we can help the citizens of our Town.

​Town Hall is located at 201 N. 7th Street (the old Fulton Fire Station). Hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm. We closed from noon to 1pm for lunch.

​Thank you!

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Message from The Mayor

Citizens of Fulton, Texas:
As we enter into our third week of recovery from Harvey, I want to give you of some information about our town.
Town Hall is up and running. Our hours are 8 to 5 during the weekdays and half day on Saturday, 8 am to noon. This is the our temporary schedule during early recovery.

We are asking you to place your debris on the side of the road and crews will come and collect it with big trucks (wood, limbs, trees, etc.). Plastic and metal should be placed in a separate pile. Household items must be taken to Aransas County landfill or picked up by your private trash collector. County Judge, Burt Mills, has set up the landfill as a free location at this time. You must enter from Prairie Road. (The old entrance for noncommercial.) Contractors will enter off Airport Road.

We have supplies at Town Hall for our citizens if you need assistance. We have water, toiletries, and different types of soft goods. You are welcome to come and get whatever you need as long as the supplies last.

Natural gas is on and will remain on. But PLEASE, if you smell a leak, inform our local gas company (City of Rockport).

We are rebuilding our community and look forward to Fulton returning to the wonderful town with that great personality that so many enjoy. We have been hurt by the damages that occurred to local hotels and restaurants by ways we never expected. A lack of HOT funds from tourists coming, sales tax from closed businesses, will certainly have an effect. We must understand that recovery and rebuilding will occur over time and we will all have to be patient.

I would like to say thanks to all our Fultonites for being so Fulton strong and Fulton proud. We have joined together and reached out a helping hand and much needed love to each other in this time of need.

As Mayor, I want to extend a special Fulton thanks for all your help and desire to rebuild. I promise, our council is committed and our employees are willing to achieve success by working with our community to re-establish the great Town of Fulton as the place to be on the Coast.

God bless each of you and God bless Fulton

Mayor Jimmy Kendrick

Permitting of Contractors


ALL CONTRACTORS must be permitted. All contractors (anyone performing work for a fee) whether in the city or the county need to go to the City Service Station on the Bypass. They will be issued a serialized sticker like below.

TO ALL RESIDENTS: you should hire permitted contractors only. Scam Artists are everyone. Please beware and help us get control of this situation.

Roof Replacement Procedures

Roofs – Anyone installing new roofs must obtain a permit and have a WPI8 windstorm certification for new or repaired roofs. Please come to Town Hall to get your permits.